Paint & Trim


The first round of paint and trim is complete!  Our new home will come painted entirely in Dover White by Sherwin Williams- I'm not sure the color of the white trim.  Dover White is, in my opinion, a much better all-over color to start out with than the beiges of our former rentals, and not so "white, white" that it will be completely unbearable.  Of course, we plan to add our own paint choices to each room as we build a plan for our decor.

sherwin williams dover white ryan homes living room
Living Room in Sherwin Williams Dover White

ryan homes dover white sherwin williams capped wall at stairs loft

The capped wall at the loft is the only "non-standard" request we asked for and were granted from the builder.  Typically, with hardwood stairs like we will have, the loft is entirely done in balusters as shown on the right side of the stairs above (not yet stained).  In order to keep noise down and to enhance furniture placement for the loft, we were able to change one side of the balusters to the capped wall that is offered when you choose carpeted stairs.  We're really happy we were granted this request!

This lovely window is actually in one of the front guestrooms.  We thought it would be in the loft by the way the elevation looks from the outside, but we were wrong.  This guest room will arguably be the most charming extra room in the house!  The window will be trimmed in white as well.

My neighbor chose her permanent paint colors in advance of their move and had a paint crew come in and paint the whole home before she and her fiance even moved in!  It's awesome that she won't have to worry about moving furniture around or doing "one room at a time" in terms of paint.  Me on the other hand, I have a bunch of jumbled Pinterest boards I still need to sort through to choose the final inspirations for each room.

How long did it take you to paint the rooms in your home to your liking?  Do you know exactly what you want, or will you have to take some time to choose?

Windows & Drywall


Our windows were installed right after the framing was complete.  We chose beige exterior windows to compliment our beige exterior trim (garage door, molding, gutters).  The beige windows were actually required with the beige trim package, and the interior windows had to be beige (also called almond) as well.  At first, we were skeptical about beige interior windows because typically interior window trim is white, but after researching the look of the almond windows online I am really excited about them, and they won't look awful if we decide to install white trim.



Now for our REAL windows!

ryan homes exterior rear morning room naples

Hopefully, we'll get lots of natural light in our morning room.

The drywall went up quickly and was at the "mud and tape" phase during this round of photos.  

ryan homes living room drywall naples mud tape
Living Room

ryan homes naples morning room
Morning Room

ryan homes naples loft

There were some areas of the framing that needed to be re-secured, such as the wall at the top of the stairs shown above, but it was no big deal to point it out to Ryan Homes to correct.

Much more progress to come!  You can definitely see things coming together here.