30 Days Until Closing! The First Big "Oops"


Today marks 30 days until closing!  Here's to hoping it's not so much of a bumpy ride.

It seems every big milestone in life is sometimes accompanied by an "oops."  On our wedding day, the chairs were late for delivery, delaying the start of the ceremony.  For our neighbor's Ryan Homes build, the big oops was their kitchen island (later corrected).

Well ladies and gentlemen, Ryan Homes installed the WRONG STONE on our home.

The sample at the bottom is the stone we selected, Arizona.  Rustic Suede is the stone that is installed.

We did not discover this mistake ourselves.  Our project manager sent us a sweet little email last night, almost like clockwork with 30 days to go, saying honesty is the best policy and somehow it was determined the wrong stone was installed.  We have seen the stone on our home once in person, and we asked about how the stone looked scuffed up (apparently it will be pressure washed back to normal).  We didn't look hard enough or remember that the stone we selected is actually lighter than the stone installed.  The "Rustic Suede" stone has pieces of grey and red in it, and the Arizona does not.

The stone installed is a stone that Ryan Homes does not even offer (at least in our community).  Of course this can be corrected if we want it to.  Basically, our project manager gave us two options:

1.  We can keep the stone that was installed.  We will be the only ones in the community to have it (a mistake laced with positives)!

2.  We can have the stone replaced with the stone we actually selected.

This mistake does not bother me that much because it can be fixed, and I've already seen the stone once and didn't think to question it, but it certainly makes you wonder what other mistakes happen that are overlooked, hmmm?

We plan to visit the neighborhood this week and knock on the door of the house we modeled our selections after, so we can examine the stone on their porch (as we've only really seen it from our car on the street).  Then we will simply decide if we prefer the "Rustic Suede" mistake stone, or the stone we actually chose.

Have you had any big things go wrong during your home building process?


  1. Discouraging as this may seem you mentioned before you liked a red door, maybe it will be alright?

  2. I really like both!! If you are getting a red door. I think it would pop more with the stone that is on there now. I think it is awesome that you had a PM who shared this with you without you having to ask. We had a butler's pantry installed. It is a $2500 option filled with cabinets, granite, and tile backsplash that we didn't select. Our PM said it would be too much work to take out so he left it. They also framed out a water heater closet ($1000 option), raised the ceiling in our master closet, a fan in the living room, and a light fixture over the island. All of our "oops" were beneficial to us! I just hope there wasn't something we missed.

    1. Wow, you really lucked out on the extras! Our big beneficial oops by the builder was adding a plumbing rough-in for a laundry tub (I think that's a $500 option). They also installed a soap dispenser in the kitchen that we elected not to pay for when choosing options, and we got about 5 extra electrical outlets, but I'm not sure if that was to meet code or if the electrician added them by mistake.

    2. Wow, you definitely made out with the extras! The butler's pantry sounds amazing.

  3. For what it's worth, I really like the "mistake" stone. Hope you find it to be a happy accident!

  4. I think the "Rustic Suede" looks better. More details and colors. :)

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