The Footings are Poured


What is a footing?  If you are anything like me and/or don't have a construction background, you likely have no idea.  The footing is part of the foundation and you can read more about footings here.  Basically, some concrete looks to be haphazardly poured in preparation for the concrete blocks that will be laid prior to pouring the concrete slab over the entire floor plan layout.  But, we have footings! Check out our red clay and concrete.

Ryan Homes Naples Reverse Floor Plan Garage Footings
Left Side of Home (Garage) Footing

Our garage is on the far left side of the front of our home.

Ryan Homes Naples Reverse Floor Plan Elevation D Porch
Front Door and Front Porch Footing

Ryan Homes Naples Reverse Floor Plan Elevation D Front Porch
Front Porch Footings

We are building the Naples (reverse floor plan) Elevation D.  We have a front porch!

Ryan Homes Reverse Floor Plan Morning Room Rear Fireplace Footing
Morning Room Extension and Rear Fireplace Footing

In the above picture you can see the outline of our morning room extension off the kitchen and a small stick out for the rear fireplace.  You can also see the bit of yard on that side we will lose to the morning room compared to our neighbor's yard next door.

The next step is pouring the concrete slab over the entire thing.  Unfortunately, Charlotte is due for 4-6 inches of snow this week due to the harsh winter the southeast has had this year.  It is unusual for it to snow much in Charlotte.  We think this may delay the pouring of our slab, but we'll have to wait and see what our project manager says.


  1. Wow, With all that red clay you could open up your own pottery business....:) beats white sand we have in FL

    1. We have also found chunks of quartz in our clay :)

  2. Congrats on your new home! We completed our Ryan homes Florence in South Carolina in August. We are in the Spartanburg, SC area, not too far from you! It's a fun process!


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