The Wrath of Winter Storm Pax


Last week we had a lot of snow in the Charlotte area, much more so than ever occurs here.  Most of the southeast endured winter storm Pax.  Unfortunately for us, because Charlotte hardly ever gets snow, our city lacks snow equipment to plow the roads and the entire city shuts down.  It was fun taking my husband's truck (four wheel drive enabled) around to see our city covered in snow, but not so fun to see our lot covered in it.

ryan homes footings slab weather delay

ryan homes footings slab weather delay

During our Friday update on Valentine's Day, our project manager said he has to wait for the snow to melt before he can get through to the footings and get the city out to inspect and approve the footings.  Then the concrete blocks will be laid in preparation for pouring the slab.  He said all new construction is behind in the area due to the weather so he anticipated it would be hard to get the next steps done in a timely manner due to contractors being pulled every which direction to complete jobs.  However, he said even with the weather delay we were still on schedule and will begin framing in 2 weeks!

Soon enough, our house will start to form in front of our eyes.


  1. It is the worse feeling to have any type of delay. We were originally delayed in October and November because we had days of rain and the ground had to be dried before they could pour our foundation. It truly sucks!! We were originally suppose to close in February, now we are closing the end of March. It is not that much of delay. Everything ready does go faster once the drywall is up. We lived in Augusta, GA for 3 years...I really wish it would have snowed when we were down there. Enjoy it while you can.

    1. You are so right! I'm already losing track of the progress (and seriously lacking in blog post updates) since they started our drywall last week!


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